Revit Architecture Certification – Zero to HERO

Revit Architecture Certification – Zero to HERO

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  • Certification
  • Supporting Material
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Zero to Revit HERO in just 5 days! Learn Revit and Get Certified as an Autodesk Certified User.

This career enhancing accreditation is included in the cost of your Revit training course. This course covers introductory through to intermediate levels of Revit Architecture. Delegates are introduced to the concept of Building Information Modelling and the tools for parametric building design and documentation.

Delegates begin with learning the fundamental features of Autodesk Revit Architecture, and then progress through schematic design, construction documentation, design visualisation and family creation. This Revit course offers both imperial and metric hands-on exercises representing real-world architectural design scenarios.



New Autodesk Revit Architecture users or other Autodesk software.  Delegates who want to learn essential elements of Autodesk Revit Architecture.



A knowledge of Architectural design, drafting, or engineering experience is highly recommended. No previous Revit or CAD experience is necessary.



You will learn the concept of Building Information Modelling and introduce the tools for parametric building design and documentation using Autodesk Revit Architecture. Delegates will be able to complete their first Autodesk Revit Architecture project after completing this class.

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Come into one of our centrally located training facilities. Small class sizes, industry experienced instructors, and many classes lead towards certification.


Attend a real-time class without leaving home.


We can organise training for you. We can do it for only one person or a group. Give us a call an we can make arrangements for your course.


With our online toolbox let your global team learn together. Give us a call and we can make arrangements for your course.


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Concept Building Information Modelling

Introduction to Autodesk Revit Architecture

  • Overview of the Interface
  • Standard Terminology
  • Starting Projects
  • Working with files

Datum Elements – Levels and Grids

  • Setting Up Levels
  • Creating Structural Grids

Basic Drawing and Editing Tools

  • General Drawing Tools
  • Editing Elements
  • Basic Modifying Tools

Drawing and Modifying Walls

  • Drawing Walls
  • Modifying Walls
  • Helpful Editing Tools

Doors and Windows

  • Adding Doors and Windows
  • Loading Door and Window Types from the Library
  • Creating Additional Door and Window Sizes


  • Creating architectural columns
  • Creating structural columns
  • Creating Additional Columns Sizes


  • Adding Components
  • Modifying Components


  • Creating Floors
  • Modifying boundaries
  • Creating Shaft Openings
  • Creating Sloped Floors

Reflected Ceiling Plans

  • Creating Ceilings
  • Modifying boundaries
  • Adding Ceiling Fixtures


  • Creating Roofs
  • Creating Roofs by Footprint
  • Reference Planes and Work Planes
  • Creating Roofs by Extrusion
  • Cleaning Up Wall and Roof Intersections

Vertical Circulation

  • Creating Assembled Stairs
  • Modifying Assembled Stairs
  • Sketching Custom Stairs
  • Creating Ramps
  • Working with Railings

Curtain Walls

  • Creating and editing curtain walls
  • Embedded curtail walls
  • Grid
  • Grid segments
  • Face manager
  • Origin and angle
  • Panels
  • Mullions

Creating Views

  • Duplicating Views
  • Adding Callout Views
  • Setting the View Display
  • Elevations and Sections

Annotating Construction Documents

  • Working with Dimensions
  • Working with Text
  • Adding Detail Lines and Symbols

Tags and Schedules

  • Adding Tags
  • Rooms and Room Tags
  • Working with Schedules

Detailing in Autodesk Revit Architecture

  • Setting Up Detail Views
  • Creating Details
  • Annotating Details
  • Patterning

Construction Documents

  • Setting Up Sheets
  • Placing and Modifying Views on Sheets
  • Printing Sheets

System Families II

  • Creating custom wall, floor and roof types
  • Layered structure
  • Wall Sections with profile sweeps and reveals
  • Editing wall, floor and roof profiles
  • Wall properties: length, area, volume
  • Walls hosting walls: embedded walls
  • Stacked walls


  • Create parts
  • Separating subcomponents of compound objects
  • Illustrating composition of walls, floors and roofs

Family Editor

  • Family templates
  • Customizing tags and markers
  • Customizing tags to extract data from the model
  • Creating parametric components
  • Reference planes
  • Parameters
  • Creating family types
  • Solid and void forms
  • Extrusion, sweep, blend and revolve

Space Planning II

  • Area analysis
  • Gross and rent-able areas
  • Creating area plans
  • Placing area boundaries
  • Area types
  • Area schemes
  • Area schedules
  • Creating colour schemes and legend

Solar Study

  • Site location
  • Sun settings
  • Showing interactive sun path
  • Shadows and ambient shadows
  • Still, single and multi-day studies
  • Summer and winter solstice
  • Spring and autumn equinox
  • Analemma path
  • Export solar study as animation

Visualization/Graphic display options

  • Hiding objects in views
  • Graphic display options
  • Making objects transparent
  • Sketch lines effects
  • Smooth lines and anti-aliasing
  • Silhouettes
  • Exploded views


  • Exterior renderings
  • Sun location
  • Sky
  • Background
  • Interior renderings
  • Camera views
  • Sun and artificial lighting
  • Photometric lighting
  • Grouping lights
  • Materials
  • Using rich photographic content
  • Using decals
  • Adjust exposure


  • Creating and editing walkthroughs
  • Exporting walkthrough animations

Model Text

  • Place Model Text on any face or reference plane

Importing & Linking Files

  • Revit files
  • DWG and DWF files
  • Image files
  • IFC files

Revision Tracking

  • Placing revision clouds
  • Revisions per sheet or per project
  • Managing sheet issues and revisions

Creating Legends

  • Adding legend components
  • Door and window legends
  • Symbols legend
  • Importing AutoCAD legends




  • Working as a team on a single model
  • Setting up worksets
  • Setting up a central model
  • Loading a local copy
  • Synchronization with the central model
  • Ownership and permissions