Social Media 101: Yellow Belt

Social Media 101: Yellow Belt

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A 2-day training course aimed at providing business owners with the tools and resources to command today’s latest digital strategies effectively and profitably. Perfect for Corporate marketing managers and directors, business-to-business or business-to-consumer marketers, advertising agency professionals, SME Owners and Management serious about using social media to attract new business.

  • How to determine which social media channels will best fit your audience and objectives
  • What metrics is important and how to measure social media in your organization
  • How to put together a social media strategy and tactical plan to put social media to work immediately
  • How organizations have successfully used social media and what you can apply from their successes
  • Where social media fits in the consumer purchase process and how you can leverage it for brand feedback
  • A thorough and practical understanding of all aspects of social media
  • An integrated presence on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube and other relevant social media networks
  • Published your blog to develop your social media presence
  • Integrated these social media networks within your existing website
  • Tools in place to measure results of your social media efforts

And the most important thing that you’ll come away with after attending this class is your very own Social Media Blueprint for your own business. You’ll have a full understanding of where you want to go and what you need to do to get there


Who is this course for?

  • Corporate marketing managers and directors responsible for charting the course for the next generation of marketing in their organization
  • Business-to-Business marketers seeking to develop a community with their clients and leverage Social Media to grow their vertical market share.
  • Business-to-Consumer marketers seeking a competitive edge by understanding and mobilizing their customer base on the Internet through Social Media vehicles.
  • Advertising agency professionals responsible for bringing the latest marketing solutions to bear on their clients’ marketing challenges
  • SME Owners and Management who are serious about using Social Media to attract new business as well as keeping in


Assumed Knowledge

Participants who want to enroll on this course should bring their laptops that are able to?connect to Wifi. You must have a keen interest in getting to know about the social media platforms and how to apply them


Come into one of our centrally located training facilities. Small class sizes, industry experienced instructors, and many classes lead towards certification.


Attend a real-time class without leaving home.


We can organise training for you. We can do it for only one person or a group. Give us a call an we can make arrangements for your course.


With our online toolbox let your global team learn together. Give us a call and we can make arrangements for your course.


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Social Media Introduction

  • Definitions of Social Media, Social Media channel types, Current Market disruptions
  • Merging of Social – Local and Mobile
  • Social Media trends by region (global and local), by network (Facebook, Twitter, Youtube) and by Industry sector

Social Media Strategy

  • Social Media Objectives, Social Media Measurable Targets
  • Online listening to fuel your strategy. Listening on social media and setting up your own online listening dashboard
  • Elements of your social media plan
  • Brand types vs. social media engagement
  • Importance of employee social media guidelines

Social Media Channels – Facebook

  • Facebook for Business – Facebook Individual vs. Facebook Page vs. Facebook Group
  • Facebook Mobile vs. Facebook on desktop
  • Facebook video and Facebook Live
  • Facebook advertising including audience building and facebook retargeting.
  • Facebook messenger (messenger bots)
  • Future developments in Facebook (AR and VR)

Social Media Channels – Linkedin

  • Linkedin Social Selling Index Score. What is it and how to calculate your SSI.
  • Linkedin Mobile vs. Linkedin on desktop
  • Developing your Linkedin profile and how to connect with people
  • How to use Linkedin search
  • The importance of Linkedin Groups and Linkedin Company pages
  • Linkedin advertising – how to set it up
  • How to grow your Linkedin presence by sharing content
  • Linkedin free vs. Linkedin premium

Social Media Channels – Twitter

  • Twitter overview, desktop vs. mobile, how to get started
  • Anatomy of a tweet
  • Twitter search, Hashtags and how to use them
  • Twitter for listening – how to automate
  • Facebook promoted posts – advertising
  • Twitter for Customer Services
  • Social Media comms during crisis

Visual Social Networks

  • Importance of video and photo sharing in social media
  • Basics of how to use YouTube, Instagram, Pinterest and Snapchat for business
  • Objectives of using video for business
  • 3 steps of video in social media (production, publishing and sharing)
  • Create video on your mobile phone
  • Live streaming of video
  • Create/edit photos/videos on your desktop and your mobile
  • Using infographics and how to create them
  • The future of video and photo – 360, VR and AR.

Reaching out on Social Media

  • Blogging as your content engine. Start your own blog. How to blog on Linkedin
  • Finding and sharing content through your mobile
  • Sharing content on Facebook, Linkedin and Twitter
  • Using content sharing to build relationships
  • Social Media publishing tools. Which tools to use. How often should you share, what is the best time to share on what network?
  • Repurposing of content

Measuring your success

  • Tracking growth of your connections– Setting yourself targets for growing your SSI score and number of connections on Linkedin. Setting yourself realistic twitter targets for followers and following. How to track the growth.
  • Tracking engagement– How to analyse your Linkedin and twitter engagement levels. The reasons why you don’t get engagement and how to improve on that.
  • Tracking your reputation– Search for yourself on Google and what to look for. How to use Klout score to give you a generic online reputation score.