Virtual Reality Training Bootcamp

Virtual Reality Training Bootcamp

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The world of Virtual Reality has exploded with enormous interest, investment and opportunity for creative exploration. In this course we will get you up to speed with the current approaches, gear and opportunities. This course will introduce you to the world of developing for virtual reality using Unity 3d.

Currently there is no one killer pipeline or ‘solution’ to VR. It is therefore important that you get up to speed with the diversity of opinions and approaches and gain a solid technical understanding of the issues. VR is a very real alternative for creative image professionals and effects companies alike, and with the billions being invested by Facebook and Google, can you afford not to understand the issues and challenges that are being presented?

Our VR Training Bootcamp takes you from complete beginner to an accomplished developer in just 4 weeks. Building advanced practical skills as you create working games and software from the ground up with Unity 3D.


This course is created for developers, teachers, and students that are new to Unity 3D for VR.


The overall goal of this bootcamp is to teach you how to use unity, c# to create games or other software that are market ready.

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Come into one of our centrally located training facilities. Small class sizes, industry experienced instructors, and many classes lead towards certification.


Attend a real-time class without leaving home.


We can organise training for you. We can do it for only one person or a group. Give us a call an we can make arrangements for your course.


With our online toolbox let your global team learn together. Give us a call and we can make arrangements for your course.


If you can’t come to us we can come to you. Give us a call and we can make arrangements for your course.


First week

First week is a jump start course where we learn how to use Unity’s most important features and understand the workflow.

The Goal is to get you going with Unity and C#. Make you able to create projects, realize ideas on your own. You will also be prepared for and take the official Unity 3d Developer exam.

Second week

Second week is about creating a structured plan for our next project, customizing it individually and creating prototypes for the  different parts for it.

First day we learn about AR and VR features in Unity which can be used in the projects we come up with.

Second day we discuss in length the project ideas and summarize it into a plan documentation.

Third day we look at the current market trends in the project’s genre/category and polish our plans to fit these trends we can identify.

Fourth day, we will start using github and set up our project’s plan with all the tasks, milestones that we need to realize the software.

Fifth day we start working on the prototypes for the bigger and complex tasks.

Third week

Third week is when we develop the planned project’s (everybody his own project).

First 3 days we create it, using the project management and prototypes we’ve set up on the previous week. These days will include VR and AR training for those who are interested.

On Thursday and Friday we polish and debug the project, prepare them to the audience (the bootcamp group).

Fourth week

Fourth week is when we enhance our game through analytics, player feedback and more market research.

The group will be tasked with testing your game, giving feedback.

You will be tasked with understanding the analytics, reading and evaluating the user feedback and extending/upgrading your project accordingly.